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 For pepsi crossing

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PostSubject: For pepsi crossing   For pepsi crossing I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 5:58 am

Moxus wrote:
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Based on Almost Paradise, Isle is a conglomerate of sea-faring Forerunner platforms floating amongst the waves of a far of world. After many versions and trials, it is the end result of several attempts to expand the much smaller Almost Paradise into a playable, competitive environment, capable of facilitating vehicular play. While the aim of vehicular combat ended up on the wayside, Isle has kept it's focus of delivering good quality, team-based scrimmages.

This is a within-Collective Beta release. Feel free to give the map a run though (send some feedback), but please keep the beta within the Collective. If a time comes in which there will be a public beta, that will be announced in the general HD forum.


For pepsi crossing O

For pepsi crossing Pool

For pepsi crossing BB
Blue Base.

For pepsi crossing VoF
View of Front.

For pepsi crossing VoR
View of Rear.

For pepsi crossing Turtlerock
Turtle rock!


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For pepsi crossing
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